BMW M62 Vanos timing timing kit
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BMW ROVER M62 Vanos timing timing kit

M62 E31 E38 E39 X5 V8 540i

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With your license plate, find your engine code click here: ENGINE CODE (by registration then on + for more information)

timing tools, timing adjustment, locking pin.
Fits M62 v8 petrol models or engines:

- BMW E34: 530i / 540i series 5
BMW E39: 535i / 540i 5 series
BMW E32: 730i / 740i
BMW E38: 730i / 735i / 740i / 740iL
BMW E31: 840i / 840Ci
BMW E53: X5 4.4i / 4.6i

- LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER III (LM_) 4.4 4x4 286cv (210kw) Engine: M62 B44 2003-2005

Engine Code:

M60B30, M60B40
M62B35, M62TUB35, M62B44, M62TUB44, M62TUB46

M60 B30, M60 B40
M62 B35, M62 TUB35, M62 B44, 448S2 448S1 - M62 TUB44, M62 TUB46

Used As Tools: OEM 116420 - 117380 - 116440 - 116450 - 112440 - 114230 - 112300

Original OEM comparison numbers are for identification purposes only, they are not original OEM tools.

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