Ford 2.0 L Ecoboost Timing Kit
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Timing Kit Ford 2.0 SCTi Ecoboost & Ti-VCT

Galaxy / Mondeo / S-MAX / Focus

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For engine tuning 2.0L 2.0 SCTi Ecoboost und Ti-VCT

with direct petrol injection.

- For Focus, Galaxy, Mondeo and S-Max models (Until 05.2011)

- Engine codes: TNWA, TNWB, TNBA, TPWA, MGDA and XQDA

- Understand:
- crankshaft locking,
to be used as OEM 303-748 303748
- Camshaft adjusting plate (Until 05.2011)
to be used as OEM 303-1504 3031504
- Camshaft adjustment plate (from 05.2011)
to be used as OEM 303-1565 3031565
- Crankshaft position sensor adjustment tool,
to be used as OEM 303-1521 3031521
- setting rod for 3 mm tensioner

Kit Professionnel de marque Allemande SATRA Technic

Original OEM comparison numbers are for identification purposes only, they are not original OEM tools.
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