Hand pump gearbox filling kit.
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Gearbox filling kit - BGS Technic bridge

Automatic and manual gearbox.
with 8 adapter tips.
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With Filling system with hand pump
of 7 liters + 8 adapters, ideal for gearbox oil changes.
- Suitable for filling manual and automatic gearboxes, bridge.
- Includes the following 8 filling adapters:
Adapter for Ford, 1/8 "- 27NPT
Universal Adapter for example, BMW, Honda, Nissan, etc.
Adapter for VW, Audi
Adapter for VW, Audi, Porsche
Adapter for VW, Audi, Mini, M10 x 1.0
Adapter for VW & Audi DSG, M24 x 1.5
Adapter for VW and Audi CVT, M22 x 1.5
Adapter for Mercedes 722.9, M12 x 1.0

- Straight adapter tube, Ford AT
- Bent adapter tube, Universal AT
- Bent adapter tube, VAG AT
- Bent adapter tube, VAG AT
- Straight adapter tube, VAG AT
- Screw adapter, Mercedes Benz gearbox identifier 722.9 AT 106
- Screw adapter, VAG DSG AT 107
- Screw adapter, VAG CVT AT 108
- Union nut with conical ring and flat seal

- Flow: 80 cc per pump
- Tank capacity: 7 L

Additional adapter AFD67BGS9992-1

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