5 liter automatic brake bleeder + 10 adapters.
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Automatic brake bleeder + 10 adapters.

5L pneumatic purger with pressure gauge

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Automatic brake bleeder, pneumatic compressed air, Capacity 5 liters, + 10 adapters.

11 Adapter for compressed air, the ideal complement

the air brake bleeder and the quick coupler.

+ 11-piece adapter set for brake bleeder

Suitable for all brake systems with Euro quick coupler.

11 plastic adapters suitable for most European vehicles,

including E20 adapter for various models of Audi, BMW, Ford, Opel and VW


5L compressed air purger.

filling pipe 3700 mm

case with 11 collection bottle adapters


Bleed brake systems and clutch systems

5 l container and collection bottle for brake fluid on the bleed nipple The

rubber membrane separates compressed air and brake fluid so that no air can enter

Filling hose with quick coupling - length 3700 mm and safety valve

Ø 280mm, H 460mm

Operating pressure with regulator 0-3 bar

Pressure gauge: 0-140PSI

Operating Pressure 10-40 The PSW setting

is read on the manometer

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