BMW N51 N52 N53 N54 ditribution timing kit
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BMW N51 / N52 / N53 / N54 / E81 timing timing kit

BMW N51 N52 N53 N54 E81
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With your license plate, find your engine code click here: ENGINE CODE (by registration then on + for more information)

XXL photo click here

For the following engine codes:

- N52 / N52K: B25A, B25A / O1, B25AE, B25AF, B25BE, B2501, B2502, B25U1,

B30 / O2, B30A, B30A / O1, B30AE, B30AF, B30O2, B30U1

N53 / N54: B25A, B30A, B30A / AA, B30A / O0, B30A / T0, B30O0, B30TD, B30UO

- Includes important tools, for example:
- Assembly and disassembly of the camshafts
- replacement of timing belt
- timing of the distribution

- Suitable for the following models:
- E60: 523i, 523Li, 525i, 525Li, 525xi, 528i,
528xi, 530i, 530Li, 530xi, 535i, 535xi
- E61 / E63: 523i, 525i, 525xi, 530i, 530xi, 535xi, 630i
- E64 / E65: 630i, 730i
- E66 / E70: 730Li, X5 3.0si
- E81 / E82: 130i, 135is
- E93 / 325i, 328i, 330i, 335i
- E83: X3 2.5i, 2.5si, 3.0i, 3.0si
- E85 / E86: Z4 2.5i, 2.5si, 3.0i, 3.0si, Z4 3.0si
- E87 / E90: 130i, 323i, 325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi,
330i, 330xi, 335i, 335xi
- E91: 323i, 325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi, 330i, 330xi, 335i, 335xi
- E92: 323i, 325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi, 330i, 330xi, 335i

- OEM tools 114280 - 114290 - 110300 - 118520

Original OEM comparison numbers are for identification purposes only, they are not original OEM tools.

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