Eccentric polishing machine kit + Accessories
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Eccentric polishing machine kit + Accessories

Auto, motorhome, boat,
750 W, 0 to 3000 turns
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! Everything you see in the photo is included in the delivery!

except what is mounted on the machine, there are 2 discs 150mm and 125mm.

Polishing machine, ECCENTRIC AFD67 710W

Ideal for dent removal without paint.

For professionals and beginners!

The machine performs eccentric / orbital rotational movements. Thus, the surfaces to be machined remain cooler. This reduces the risk of the lacquer overheating by 80% compared to exclusively rotary polishers.

This guarantees the longevity and safety of the product.
Full power, quality and safety!
Thanks to a performance of 710 watts the polishing machine is well equipped for a multitude of applications and professional polishing.

Continuous adjustment from 2,500 to 6,800 rpm guarantees
perfect polishing results.

Convenient and easy to use!

The AFD67 polishing machine is a light and well balanced machine.

Eccentric polishing machine can be used for all painting surfaces. It is particularly suitable for removing scuffs, dirt and scratches and of course for polishing, polishing, sanding, shining and reviving colors.

Special ball bearings and an unmatched motor ensure safety and exceptional durability.

The motor and gearbox work silently and the vibration is barely noticeable due to the eccentric movements.

The long, weather-resistant cable makes it possible to work indoors and outdoors.

The machine is put into continuous operation by the ON / OFF button. Safety and a long service life are also guaranteed thanks to a light sliding technique.

The housing head is ergonomic and equipped with Soft-Grip. This allows the use even without a handle.

A multidirectional handle and an additional handle also allow other handling possibilities!

Technical data:

- Power 710 Watt, 230 V
- Frequency 50 Hz
- Cable 300 cm
- weight approx. 2.3 kg
- Color: black and gray
- Orbital stroke: 8 mm
- Regulation of adjustable number of turns
continuously from 2500 to 6800
- Threaded connection: 5/16 "- 24
- Maintenance free machine
- Special ball bearing with great durability
- The handle and the stick handle allow
optimal handling!

1 year warranty on this item!

+ Lot of velcro foams, washable, and many accessories.

Total weight: 8 Kg

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