Cooling CO2 cylinder head gasket leak tester
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Cooling CO2 cylinder head gasket leak tester

Check the radiator water leak, check the CO2 value of the cylinder head gasket

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Brass adapter with fitting
250 ml liquid blue test rubber cone
empty container 250 ml
lower room upper room

Phase 1
Take 1/10 Engine Rounding Fluid / Expansion Tank / Radiator, so that the measuring chamber does not overflow.
Phase 2
Install the rubber ball, the cap, the upper chamber, the lower chamber, the brass adapter and successively the radiator cap and then
fill the upper chamber with blue liquid until the black detector line is reached.
Phase 3
Alternative situation: If there is not a suitable adapter for the radiator cap (You will find a suitable fitting in our eBay store), which can be fitted to the brass adapter, proceed as follows:
Disassemble the brass adapter and put on the rubber cone, then the device (Install the rubber ball stopper, stopper, upper chamber, lower chamber and rubber cone, one after another), insert on the radiator.
Phase 4:
Now continuously suck the rubber balloon, the gases from the cooler.
If the liquid remains blue in the operating system during the test, it means that the seal is in good condition.
Important: Do not over pump, the lower chamber must be filled with coolant, only up to the level line.
Included is:
Brass adapter with fitting
Rubber suspension (cone)
The test fluid. blue 250 ml
Empty containers 250 ml
Lower chamber
Upper Room

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